Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Special Art Event at Saunders Gallery this Saturday!

Coming this Saturday, March 15 at 3:30pm, "Island International Artists" representative/owner 
Bruce Foster will be presenting a portfolio of new works. Here is your opportunity to view and 
purchase original art and high quality original prints in a variety of styles. 
Stop by for this event...this Saturday at 3:30!
Saunders Gallery of Fine Art is proud to represent Beki Killorin through 
"Turning Point" by artist Beki Killorin 
Coming in April 

"En Plein Air"
Oil Paintings by Ann Larsen
April 1 -26, 2014
Sat. April 5, 4 - 6pm

Ann's approach to the landscape is to
simplify as much as possible in order to
 create the strongest paintings.
"I want my viewers to know how I felt
about a place when I painted it.
I'm not trying to copy what I see nor am
I interested in lots of detail.
  I want to suggest a subject with the buildup
of paint and exciting brushstrokes."

.....Two Gallery Card designs...