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"Time in a Moment" Recent Works by Photographic Artist ~ Tony Cosentino

"Time in a Moment" ...These current works are assemblies, inspired by the rhythms of natural light as it  played on the colors and textures that in turn evoked emotional memories in me.  Each image is made up of many images assembled to resemble the “ time in the moment “ as I interpreted it… ~Tony Cosentino~ ...Short Biography...           Starting out as a sculptor I later loved print-making, ie: (etching, Lithography, screen printing, linoleum block). I received instruction from: The Center for Music Drama and Art, The New School of Art, R.I.T., and N.C.C.C. The Museum School, as well as many seminars and independent study classes such as, book binding, mold making, casting, film making.          I apprenticed with: Mr. Jack LaDuke, Mrs. Nini Winkle, Mr. Slayton Underhill, and others. Combining these experiences lead me to my vocation as a commercial advertising photographer and photo-Illustrator.