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"Break the Silence" ~ 8th Annual Domestic Violence Awareness Project

Society is being dehumanized and desensitized by technology, contemporary media outlets, lack of accountability and personal responsibility.... which leads to a grave disregard for others.  Once again, we bring awareness to the devastation of Domestic Violence.  It is not getting better....the world is in a brutal, violent state.  Attrocities are being carried out all over the world…Christians are being slaughtered, woman continue to be raped, beaten and murdered, young girls/children are sold as sex slaves...when will love prevail and respect for all humankind be the driving force.  Share in my efforts to Shine the Light....Wear a purple ribbon, give to organizations which have services and protection for those in need.....Talk to a friend in need….”Break the Silence” Here are a few links for more information....   Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence   Office of Children and Family Services