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"Parallel Universe" Coming August 2 - 29, 2014! Paintings, Drawings and Poetry by Frank Vurraro

Saunders Gallery of Fine Art @ bjsartworks  is honored to present "Parallel Universe" Paintings and Poetry by Frank Vurraro August 2 - 29, 2014 Opening Reception and Poetry Reading  Saturday, August 2, ... 4 - 6pm "Orchard Nebula" Acrylic on Canvas Frank Vurraro began his artistic and education career in the 60's in Syracuse, NY after graduating with a BFA from Syracuse University. His long career as a successful art educator has landed him with many awards for his outstanding abilities in art education.   As with many artists/teachers, his passion for his art through teaching and creating has also awarded him recognition for his drawing and paintings in many national and regional venues through out central New York and the Southern Vermont Arts Center, as well as solo and group exhibitions throughout the region. Frank has retired from  the teaching profession, where for 23 years he was the District Director of Art Education