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I live in the "North Country," the area of New York above the Adirondack Mountains near the Canadian border. I have experience in graphic design, web design, children's books, and book covers. These days I find myself mostly a pastel painter and poster artist. I enjoy dabbling in different styles of artwork, and always have several projects going at once. 

I have always loved to travel, but It wasn’t until I started visiting the national parks that I started to take note of the wonders that the natural world has to offer. I began to pay more attention to the quiet elegance surrounding me at home, especially in Upstate NY and the Adirondack Mountains. This also led to a new love of plein-air painting- getting up close to an area that I might otherwise have just driven by. While I enjoy painting big, impressive vistas, my first love is for the quieter scenes that go unnoticed to all but an artists’ eyes. This focus pushes me to connect more with the landscape, to seek out that unique perspective that makes someplace strange feel as familiar as home. I love having the opportunity to explore a new place in this manner- seeking out those hidden gems and revealing them to others through my artwork. 

As a painter, I work in the style of Modern Impressionism. Modern impressionists seek to capture the fleeting effects of light through loose and expressive marks. When you really connect with a landscape, its all about the mood you feel, it’s hold on you, and you respond to it emotionally. It’s like gazing into the eyes of another person for one intimate moment. I want to inspire those who see my artwork to hold that gaze, instead of quickly glancing away. 

11 x 17 Travel Posters 24.00 each 


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