Island International Artists


Wholesale agents and distributors for contemporary fine original and graphic artists. 

I'm happy to represent a few of over 36 artists that this organization represents, high quality original art and limited edition prints from artists all over the country. 

"My college major was printmaking. I have always loved the process and techniques involved in creating in this artform." Bev Saunders

Contact Bev for more information!

Available Now!~ Price reflects unframed etchings 

"Night Rider" Beki Killorin $280 SOLD

"Ragtime" Beki Killorin $110

"Silent Moon" Beki Killorin $175

"Strung Up" Beki Killorin $110

"Quiet Moment" Barbara Pihos $280

"Clear Creek" Barbara Pihos $220

"Silent Moon: Framed $375 
Triple mat, 8ply white rag & Museum glass

Special order! Bill Reynolds Etchings 

"Boundry Waters I" $160 22" x 5"

"Boundry Waters II" $160 22" x 5"

"Early September" $160 22" x 5"

"Canoe Country II" $140


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