Legion of Doom TFG Benefit Prints

This painting was commissioned by 

Captain Timothy J. Coleman USMC in 2022

and painted in pastel by me.

 It was my honor to create his vision for “Legion of Doom TFG”

We worked together with many photos and conversation about the

 experience he had leading into a Gulf War battle. 

After finishing the piece, it was shared to fellow veterans. Many

 wished to have a print for their own. The interest progressed into

 offering reproductions for sale. A portion of the sales will benefit....

Semper Fi & the America's Fund

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"Legion of Doom TFG" 

Framed Original Painting using Skull and Fire Frame Motif

Donated Matted & Framed Giclee` Using American Flag Motif`
2nd Battalion 7th Infantry Museum being created in California  


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