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Closed: June 14 - 19, for a family visit!

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Take the time to breathe, 
refresh your soul and
 be Grateful! 
We are blessed!

Discover Warren County ~ Proud to be included on this
 new TV Streaming Platform! 

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A Locally & Nationally recognized leader in digitizing and organizing photos, slides & videos!

If you are looking to protect your video media CLICK the link above and get started, today!


Benefit Art Print "Legion of Doom, TFG"

Proceeds of Sales to benefit our Veterans!
May is Depression Awareness Month!

"Sounds of Silence" Bev Saunders

This painting was created by the use of several inspiring photos and images that Jim had shared relating to his feelings and emotions. The painting depicts a “being”, lost and detached from the world, feeling helpless and obscure. The hands of the Saving Grace that are always there to uplift and heal, are not acknowledged or felt when left to flounder in the deep, dark and lonely space of depression. The smaller beings in the space, represent others who are experiencing the effects of depression, unaware of each other’s presence. The glorious clouds have impressions of faces, speaking with voices that aren’t always heard. The hands of grace, is the place where Jim found healing and freedom.

 Prints are available for sale and proceeds to benefit our local mental illness organization, CALEO Counseling Services of
 Warren & Washington County, NY

Original work in pastel, prints, art cards, gifts and more!

New to the Gallery!

Cotton Tea Towels....$18.00

Linen Gift Pouch.....$13.00

ADK Art Calendar 2024
A great way to enjoy your year with original watercolor art prints depicting 
favorites from the ADKS $29.95 Sale! 24.95

For more info click here

Catherine LaPointe Vollmer comes to us from the north country, in Potsdam, New York. Her graphic design works show her talent in travel posters. Catherine is a very talented pastel artist. I'm happy to offer a few of her designs here at the Gallery. 

 We Welcome...Dux Deke's 
Wood Carved Birds
Greenwich, NY

Beaded Jewelry and Suncatchers
 by Cynthia's Original ~ Wells, VT


Ceramics by Clay Concepts 
Dolores Thomson ~ Glens Falls, NY

                              Noodle Bowls

Fine Silver Jewelry
  Silver by Paula Anne ~ Easton, NY
New designs have arrived!

Ceramics by Karen Elem ~ Saratoga Springs, NY

Handcrafted Mirrors by
Adirondack Herbals ~ Lise Fuller ~ Glens falls, NY
Now is the time to 
"Get Well, Be Well, Stay Well"

Yours for only $25


"Remnants of the Golden Corn" $425.00


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