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Meet Ken Wilson ~ Equine/Landscape Artist

I think of my work as a dichotomy of dynamic, contrasting styles. The heart-pounding power, athleticism and grace captured in my thoroughbreds compliments the sedate, peaceful and sublime feelings evoked by my landscapes. A client recently gave the ultimate compliment: She stated that she could almost hear the bits rattling in the horses' mouths and their hooves thundering toward the finish line. My Mission: Accomplished. Another aspect of my personality that comes to fore in my work is my meticulous attention to detail. I strive to achieve near-perfect in the delicate waltz between movement, light and shadow. Notice the fluidity through many transitions, from the darkest to the lightest highlights in all of my work. This is achieved by completing a monochrome under painting, which maps out where the gradations of shadow and light are to appear. I work then from dark-to-light, refining subtleties along the way to the finished piece. I have always been fascinated and influenced