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6th Domestic Violence Awareness Project

 The Saunders Gallery of Fine Art is proud to present...  The 6th Domestic Violence Awareness Project Gallery Statement This body of work was first exhibited in 2006. It was the initial exhibition as a gallery owner  in my first location in Hoosick Falls, NY.  From the time we presented the work, I knew it would be the inspiration for  an annual event and one that my gallery would advocate for, Throughout the years each show has been a little different,  focusing on a variety of themes. This year we reintroduce the original body of work.  It has an emotional and powerful message that cannot be matched in it's entirety! "Tearing Her Heart Out" Multi-media Assemblage "Grief" Hand Finished Ceramic "Shame"   Hand Finished Ceramic Artist Statement                                                               Pamela Barker Embracing Hope; Empowering Souls      In February 2005, a woman from my hometown area w