Silver by Paula Anne

Silver by Paula Anne
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Paula Anne is a native of Easton, NY.  She has been a silversmith for 33 years.  She received her training at the Schenectady Museum serving under a master craftsman for 3 years.  After completing the 3 years, Paula served a one year apprenticeship with Drue Sanders Silversmith, who at the time, was in Clifton Park.
Paula Anne starts with a sketch, then shapes the wire or cuts the design from a sheet of metal.  Her metal of choice is silver, but on occasion works with gold, copper, brass and new gold.
Once the shape is made, she hammers it, files it, solders with an oxyacetylene torch, and puts it in an acid bath.  The piece will be shaped, filed again and then polished with two different polishing compounds. Among her main tools are 5 different hammers, a vast array of pliers, bench vise, saws, polishing lathe, and her oxyacetylene torch.
She enjoys the skill of working with her hands and tools.
Looking for a gift for that special someone?
 Consider a piece of jewelry designed by Silver by Paula, producing high quality, original hand crafted jewelry.


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