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Paintings by George Rogers Wilson 1919 -2007

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George Wilson was born in Columbus, Ohio where he received early training, including a scholarship to the Columbus School of Design during high school. He earned his BA and Masters degree in Fine Arts from Ohio State University. In addition, he studied under Millard Sheets at the renowned Chinard Art School in Los Angeles, CA in 1939. George's Pruett Carter Fellowship with watercolorist Elliot O'Hara was interupted in 1942 by WWII.

As a flight instructor, George flew as captain until the war's end in 1945. In 1943, he met and befriended fellow instructor, Mickey Spillane, in Greenwood, Mississippi. This began a 60 year friendship that included such projects as illustrations of Mike Hammer for Mickey's books, to building a house together in Newburgh, NY and the Virginia Homes business in 1952.

Transitioning from fine arts to the commercial art was further enhanced when George attended Pratt Institute, where he studied layout, design, architectual rendition, ad art and techniques, etc. in 1947. He then went on to become one of the first art directors nationally in early television, from 1949- 1951, George went to Adak, Alaska, and worked with naval engineers constructiong models for atomic submarines, designed posters etc. A year later, he took a trip to Mexico City where he lived on the second floor above Frido Kahlo.

In 1955, George began a nineteen year career in commercial advertising and dimensional work on sets, dioramas, etc, with Gordon Keith in Columbus, OH. During this time, he also taught fine art, was a member of the Pen and Brush League and the Columbus Artists Association, and freelanced as a mural artist.

After his move to Granville, NY, in 1974, George devoted his time exclusively to easel art or fine art painting. His studio's location at Hick's Orchard, southeast of the Adirondacks and adjacent to western Vermont, gave him access to superb landscapes. In his fascination with that landscape, he said that he "catches the feeling of this country in any given season at a particular time of day." All of George's travels, life experiences (which include two seperate years as a back wood logger) contributed to how he saw nature in it's many moods. Over 300 of George's paintings are in banks, hospitals, the Columbus Gallery of Fine Art, and numerous private collections. George was listed in Art of America, Galleries, Museums, Artists- Source Book to the U.S. Art World. 

Works for Sale
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"Mid Century Meadows" 26x19  $5000

"Return to Earth" $

"Horse Farm in Autumn" 20x14 $1500

"Indian River" $5000

"Late Autumn Light" 24x18

"Pasture with Sheep" 30x20 $5500

"Sugaring Season" 35x20 $3000

"Summer Pastoral" 30x24 $6000

"Summer Storm at Hildene" 24x18 $6000

"Valley Farm, Whitehall" 36x24 $6000

"Sundown" 26x17 $3000

"Wetlands at Dusk" 27x21 $3000

"Winter Tree Scape" $2000


  1. We have a George R Wilson oil painting, "Church Street Bridge" 1981 code # 81-36, the size is 32x46, looking for a basic value. Thank you
    Sue Manchester

    1. Thanks for your inquiry! I will ask the contact that I have based on the information you have given me. Bev

    2. It is around $3,000.00 if well cared for, in fine condition. : )

  2. Hello,

    Oh what a delight! I just fell in love with a painting in a second-hand shop in San Miguel de
    Allende, Mex. Such a beautiful subtle work in blues and greens. I won't say
    what I paid for it, however, it was so yum that I came home and looked up the painter. It's called "Morning Mist", and the old sticker on the back also says Orchard Studio, and it has the numbers 518 642 2067 under his name and an agent Alice Cook. It's a framed acrylic on board, 18" x 20". Would someone be so kind as to tell me what it might be worth roughly for my home insurance? Thank you.

  3. For insurance purposes around 2000,00 if well cared for in excellent condition.

  4. Small world. My mom was Alice Cook. She and George were friends for years. I'm fortunate enough to have a few of his works and I treasure them.

  5. Hello. Looking for approximate value of painting titled Bramble Hill. 20x28 oil. 1979 #79-47. Thank you.

  6. Thanks for your inquiry! Based on the size, a value for insurance purposes would be $3000. As far as for sale that would be up to the market's interest. Ebay may a good place to sell as collectors
    go there for best deals! Best wishes! Bev


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