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New Year Blessings! 2022 ~ Shop Small

Check out the menu bar at the top left for more! A time to renew and find your purpose! Closed Wednesday 1/19 - Thursday 2/3! Back in the shop on Friday 2/4 Walk-ins are welcome!  Call Today!     518 793-9350 WEB COUPON  I'm excited to partner with....  EVERPRESENT  A Locally & Nationally recognized leader in digitizing and organizing photos, slides & videos! If you are looking to protect your video media CLICK the link above and get started, today! WELCOME! Original work in pastel, art cards and gifts! New to the Gallery! Beaded  Jewelry and S uncatchers  by Cynthia's Original ~ Wells, VT Ceramics by  Clay Concepts   Dolores Thomson ~ Glens Falls, NY Fine Silver Jewelry    Silver by Paula Anne  ~ Easton, NY    Ceramics by  Karen Elem  ~ Saratoga Springs, NY   Handcrafted Mirrors by  Bellbrook Studio   Adirondack Herbals ~ Lise Fuller ~ Glens falls, NY Now is the time to  "Get Well, Be Well, Stay Well"               Pick up esse