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Celebrating the Art of Plein Air Painting

As the warm weather approaches and the color of summer begins, it seems like a dream to take your easel and painting supplies outdoors to experience creating on location. It takes a certain kind of adventurer to get out there, travel about and find that special scene that will inspire you to capture the light, color and atmosphere of a moment, a place, in time.  Fred Holman has been taking that challenge and creating on the spot paintings that capture his scenes in oil. Join us Saturday, June 6 from 10 - 4 for a day of plein air painting in the courtyard of The Shirt Factory in Glens Falls, NY.  We will celebrate painting outdoors in this historical, creative setting. If it rains, you can set up inside the historical halls. There will be a reception for Fred to follow, in the gallery at 4pm.  Suite 105 Artist’s Statement Plein air painting is the most challenging for me.  The conditions are continually changing and the image that you are trying to capture is only p