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Bev has been working in the medium of soft pastel for 25 years, challenging the limitless possibilities painting in pastel. 
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Bev's style is serene with the emphasis on comfort and ease in a world that is set on high, her works bring you back to a peaceful place.
Visit the gallery to see her works for yourself, where you will find recent works as well as works in progress in her studio.

 All paintings here, are commissions and not for sale!

Marketing and design services.....

Bev has promoted many art events over the years by creating/designing promotional postcards, rackcards, brochures, flyers, newletters
and more! 
 If you have an event you wish to promote, consider securing Bev for your next project and design consultant!

Click images for larger view!

"A World of Her Own"  Commissioned Myself " )


"Jameson & Cossay"


"Afternoon Maui Spray"

"Sounds of Silence" On Depression

"In Bentley's Eyes"

"Where's Kelly"


"Bash Bish Falls" Wedding Gift

"Bisquits Garden"

"Basin Bay, Lake George"



"Sweet Reflections"

"Hadley Pond"

"Love at Friends Lake"

"Edith" Comissioned by Ken

"Summer Day with Grandma" Commission

"Marilyn's Cherished Collection" Commission

"Sasha on Buck Mountain" NFS


"Pat & Dick" Circa 1961 Commission
"Remembering Clark" Commission

"Dad and Helga" Commission

"In Lily's Eyes" NFS
"Lily" Commission


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