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Welcome Spring 2023

                       Check out the  menu bar at the           top  left  for more!                           Take the time to breathe,  refresh your soul  and  be Grateful!  We are blessed! Walk-ins are welcome!  Call today!                      518 793-9350                                                     WEB COUPON I'm excited to partner with.... EVERPRESENT  A Locally & Nationally recognized leader in digitizing and organizing photos, slides & videos! If you are looking to protect your video media CLICK the link above and get started, today! WELCOME! Benefit Art Print "Legion of Doom, TFG" Proceeds of Sales to benefit our Veterans!   Click Here for Details   May is Depression Awareness Month! "Sounds of Silence" Bev Saunders This painting was created by the use of several inspiring photos and images that Jim had shared relating to his feelings and emotions. The painting depicts a “being”, lost and detached from the world, feeling helpless and obs