Happy New Year 2016

Started the year out right with a Shirt Factory gathering of friends....



  Opened the year      with the annual
 10 x 10 = 100 exhibition and special sale......always a hit!                                     

It was soooo cold last year that the Shirt Factory created a benefit event to help the Open Door Mission provide shelter for the homeless. We raised nearly $2000.00 and I hosted a "Winter Blue" exhibition...Blue..tiful.                    

Spring arrived with Leaves....by Lorna Weekes..at least 100 of them on the walls and all over! Leaves leaves beautiful leaves....hand painted cement cast...
Lorna is very talented.....the reception was by far the best spread we have ever had! She said just feed them lots of food and your sales will be great! It helps that she has tons of family and friends that wanted her LEAVES!

Fred Holman had worked dilligently painting "plein air" for his exhibition "The Traveler" 

Thought I would try my hand at painting outdoors...a little breezy, pastel box tipped over twice....) "

The Racing Season Begins with a fabulous painter of equine...Ken Wilson
Local Landscapes and Horses, each painted very differently in style.... 

I took a break and went to Florida to see my family for my birthday in September...My Gift? a Paint and Sip evening. I did not follow the rules..( "

September brought in gorgeous paintings by Pat Traver....In the tradition of the masters, Pat is able to capture that style very well!

 Injured my foot in August, which made things very difficult for a while. Tore my Achilles tendon. Ouch! I don't have a good picture of my scooter and I. That scooter was my best friend...." )

Every year, in October, I host a Domestic Violence Awareness Project...I was able to send Catholic Charities a check to help with the needs of Victims that come to them....A safe house...purple ribbon campaign.

Ahhh the holidays.....what a beautiful time of the year. Managed to keep my sanity with all that goes on here at the Shirt Factory! Open House events...Bring it on......The gallery adorned with guest artists and artisan gifts....lovely wonderful sales!

Thanks for a great year!

Happy New Year! 
May peace and love surround you! 


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