"Sounds of Silence" Mental Health/Depression

The Saunders Gallery is proud to present a community driven exhibition,
 giving voice to an illness that is not clearly defined or understood.
This exhibit and project has been created by the inspiration of a friend named Jim. Jim found himself battling an uncertain illness, depression.  By the Grace of GOD, Jim found peace, by finding the right place for diagnosis, treatment and healing. This life changing experience sent a call to action for him to share his experience by commissioning a painting depicting his emotional battle with depression, with the intent of helping just one other person in their flight with depression.
The pastel painting by Bev Saunders, is the feature for this exhibit. The painting was created by the use of several inspiring photos and images that Jim had shared relating to his feelings and emotions. The painting depicts a “being”, lost and detached from the world, feeling helpless and obscure. The hands of the Saving Grace that are always there to uplift and heal, are not acknowledged or felt when left to flounder in the deep, dark and lonely space of depression. The smaller beings in the space, represent others who are experiencing the effects of depression, unaware of each other’s presence. The clouds have impressions of faces, speaking with voices that fill the mond with lies and deceit, keeping the light of truth buried and dim.
"Sounds of Silence" Pastel on paper
 The hands of grace, is the place where Jim found healing and freedom.
There has been an open call for art and poetry related to the topic since February. The gallery is accepting submissions throughout the month, giving a voice to those who wish to share their experience, whether it is the patient, family member, caregiver or medical provider.
 Prints will be available for sale and proceeds to benefit our local mental illness organizations such asCaleo Counseling Services of Warren Washington County, NY


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