Adirondack Rustic Furniture ~ MK Rustics

Morris Kopels of MK Rustics, is the featured artist, during the month of June. 
His one of kind original Adirondack style funiture is expertly crafted and designed. 
Morris is a Glens Falls Hospital ER Doctor, who's passion lies in the spirit of natural wood. His designs are completely orignal and inspired by his great love of the outdoors here in the Adirondack region of upstate New York. 
See more at his website link here...


Can't afford a large peice? Take home a trio of votive candles made out of white birch or the goldon sheen of yellow burch. 

Some designs are completely organic, giving a more contemporary design to the rustic genre. 

Mirrors, side tables, coatracks & lamps are just a sample of what Morris is inspired to do.
Custom rustic frames decorate parts of the Glens Falls Hospital.
You will find some of Morris's frames showcased in the gallery.

This picture does not do the piece justice, as to the size of the piece.

Pictured here is an 8 foot sideboard, with a bottom shelf and horn design. 

Morris' work is always displayed here at the gallery. Stop by and see for yourself the craftmanship with which his work is made, through June 30th.

Coming in July !

"Summer Breeze"

Adirondack regional juried art exhibition inspired by this great recreational and mountainous region.

 Photography by award winning photographer, Gary Larsen

Oil Painting by Ann Larsen 
Ceramics by Karen Elem


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