Fall into the Season

As we welcome Fall, it brings beautiful color, 
light and fresh air!

Closed for Vacation Sept. 5 - 12
(Open....Sept. 10th and 11th...10 - 4pm)

In the art and framing world, it is time to start to think about our gift giving season! Consider framing a cherished photo, document, item that will last and be seen to enjoy! Maybe a special drawing or painting that imortalizes a child, pet, parent and more! 

Look for the coupon in your "Consumer Pak" direct mailing or download from this site!  

A beautiful summer led to some great framing projects and pastel painting!    

"Civil War Discharge"

Painting the lake at Wiawaka, Lake George

I am honored to work with Double H Ranch for their annual Gala.
I take their donated memorabelia, generally, Paul Newman and other valuble items, and frame them for auction.
"Color of Money" signed photo and pool ball


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