Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Happy New Year 2016

Started the year out right with a Shirt Factory gathering of friends....



  Opened the year      with the annual
 10 x 10 = 100 exhibition and special sale......always a hit!                                     

It was soooo cold last year that the Shirt Factory created a benefit event to help the Open Door Mission provide shelter for the homeless. We raised nearly $2000.00 and I hosted a "Winter Blue" exhibition...Blue..tiful.                    

Spring arrived with Leaves....by Lorna Weekes..at least 100 of them on the walls and all over! Leaves leaves beautiful leaves....hand painted cement cast...
Lorna is very talented.....the reception was by far the best spread we have ever had! She said just feed them lots of food and your sales will be great! It helps that she has tons of family and friends that wanted her LEAVES!

Fred Holman had worked dilligently painting "plein air" for his exhibition "The Traveler" 

Thought I would try my hand at painting outdoors...a little breezy, pastel box tipped over twice....) "

The Racing Season Begins with a fabulous painter of equine...Ken Wilson
Local Landscapes and Horses, each painted very differently in style.... 

I took a break and went to Florida to see my family for my birthday in September...My Gift? a Paint and Sip evening. I did not follow the rules..( "

September brought in gorgeous paintings by Pat Traver....In the tradition of the masters, Pat is able to capture that style very well!

 Injured my foot in August, which made things very difficult for a while. Tore my Achilles tendon. Ouch! I don't have a good picture of my scooter and I. That scooter was my best friend...." )

Every year, in October, I host a Domestic Violence Awareness Project...I was able to send Catholic Charities a check to help with the needs of Victims that come to them....A safe house...purple ribbon campaign.

Ahhh the holidays.....what a beautiful time of the year. Managed to keep my sanity with all that goes on here at the Shirt Factory! Open House events...Bring it on......The gallery adorned with guest artists and artisan gifts....lovely wonderful sales!

Thanks for a great year!

Happy New Year! 
May peace and love surround you! 

Sunday, November 8, 2015

"Art of the Gift" for The Gift Giving Season

Welcome to Art of the Gift... You ask? 
What does it take to create a one of a kind gift? Heart, soul, passion and time. What does it take to find that perfect gift? Heart, soul, passion....This year I have invited area artists to the gallery. You will find original works $150.00 or less....Sterling silver, gorgeous pottery, small original paintings, luxurious scarves, handturned pens, 
local books and more!  
*NOTE: The time and day for the Holiday reception has changed to 
Dec. 19th, 5 - 7pm

Friday, October 9, 2015

"Break the Silence" ~ 8th Annual Domestic Violence Awareness Project

Society is being dehumanized and desensitized by technology, contemporary media outlets, lack of accountability and personal responsibility....
which leads to a grave disregard for others. 
Once again, we bring awareness to the devastation of Domestic Violence. 
It is not getting better....the world is in a brutal, violent state. 
Attrocities are being carried out all over the world…Christians are being slaughtered, woman continue to be raped, beaten and murdered, young girls/children are sold as sex slaves...when will love prevail and respect for all humankind be the driving force. 
Share in my efforts to Shine the Light....Wear a purple ribbon, give to organizations which have services and protection for those in need.....Talk to a friend in need….”Break the Silence”

Here are a few links for more information....
Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence 

Office of Children and Family Services

Warren Washington County Care Center

Local Shelter ~ Domestic Violence Project
35 Broad St, Glens Falls, NY 12801
(518) 793-9496

Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Dramatic Still Life ~ Oil Paintings by Pat Traver

Pat Traver
Patricia (Pat) Traver cultivated a creative vein in early youth. Sheattended several high schools including Mount Saint Mary Academyand Newburgh Free Academy in Newburgh, New York and Lake Worth High School in Lake Worth, Florida. In addition to academiccourses, she studied several facets of the arts including photography, drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture, and art history. Encouragedher to attend college by her teachers, it was not to come to fruition.She decided to assist in the family business due to her ailing father.Soon married and raising a family, art was left behind and a career asan office manager/bookkeeper ensued for 40 years.
Now in retirement, she has returned to her passion experimenting in
many mediums. Her current favorites are oils and colored pencils.
After attending several painting workshops under the tutelage of
Victor Liguori, she has reinvented herself as a successful artist.
Her works are in private collections in New York and Vermont. She
participate in her first juried show sponsored by LARAC at Lapham
Gallery receiving a Peoples Choice award. She has also exhibited at
the Lock 5 Studio, Mimosa and Saunders Gallery of Fine Art.





    “Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life.” -Pablo Picasso

What began as a personal journey of self taught skills and technique
has transmuted into images of visual discourse of ubiquitous objects.
I am fascinated with the metamorphosis as each work seems to take a
life of its own, continually renewing my inspiration to explore my
My paintings explore idiosyncratically logical perspective and create
an artistic illusion of visual reality.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Meet Ken Wilson ~ Equine/Landscape Artist

I think of my work as a dichotomy of dynamic, contrasting styles. The heart-pounding power, athleticism and grace captured in my thoroughbreds compliments the sedate, peaceful and sublime feelings evoked by my landscapes.
A client recently gave the ultimate compliment: She stated that she could almost hear the bits rattling in the horses' mouths and their hooves thundering toward the finish line. My Mission: Accomplished. Another aspect of my personality that comes to fore in my work is my meticulous attention to detail. I strive to achieve near-perfect in the delicate waltz between movement, light and shadow. Notice the fluidity through many transitions, from the darkest to the lightest highlights in all of my work. This is achieved by completing a monochrome under painting, which maps out where the gradations of shadow and light are to appear. I work then from dark-to-light, refining subtleties along the way to the finished piece.
I have always been fascinated and influenced by the works of the Old Masters, as well as the landscape artists of the Hudson River School. I think that is evident in my work.

I strive for my work to captivate, inspire and awe, creating an indelible emotional impression upon the viewer.

"Ken Wilson's paintings are strong representations of racetrack equine art. Ken has a talent in reproducing the structure and character of the horses he paints. I, in particular am drawn to the gentleness with which he treats his landscapes. The impressionists quality of his brush strokes capture the essence of the areas in which he paints, rural settings." Bev Saunders (Gallery Owner)

  ...Coming in September... 

"The Dramatic Still Life"
Paintings in Oil by Pat Traver

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Celebrating the Art of Plein Air Painting

As the warm weather approaches and the color of summer begins, it seems like a dream to take your easel and painting supplies outdoors to experience creating on location. It takes a certain kind of adventurer to get out there, travel about and find that special scene that will inspire you to capture the light, color and atmosphere of a moment, a place, in time. 
Fred Holman has been taking that challenge and creating on the spot paintings that capture his scenes in oil.

Join us Saturday, June 6 from 10 - 4 for a day of plein air painting in the courtyard of The Shirt Factory in Glens Falls, NY.  We will celebrate painting outdoors in this historical, creative setting.
If it rains, you can set up inside the historical halls.
There will be a reception for Fred to follow, in the gallery at 4pm. Suite 105

Artist’s Statement

Plein air painting is the most challenging for me.  The conditions are continually changing and the image that you are trying to capture is only part of the vast view that is before you.  I consider my plein air work as a sketch in time.  I try to finish in about 2 hours so that light and atmospheric conditions are somewhat the same.

There are two aspects of my work I try to focus on.  The first is creating a sense of space or the third dimension on a two–dimensional plane.   As a Landscape Architect, I designed spaces in the real world.  Now I want to represent that feeling on canvas.  I have tried to accomplish this with value and color.

The second aspect of my work is light.  Living on the Adirondacks, the overcast days are not conducive to painting light.  This continues to be a challenge that keeps me exploring new palettes and my expanding use of color as means of defining both space and light.

Fred Holman started painting in 2005.  What began as an interest in refining his drawing skills turned into a passion for exploring the joys of nature and the challenge of the inanimate object through painting.  He is a Landscape Architect and Planner by profession, so the outdoors and creating beautiful, functional spaces have been part of his life for over 40 years.   A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design Painting and Drawing Certificate Program in 2007, Fred obtained the knowledge needed to use his natural talent in his paintings.  He has explored many mediums, but today oil is his preferred medium to paint still life’s, portraits or landscapes. Fred’s studio is located on the Schroon River in Brant Lake, New York.  

Fred currently sits on the Board of Directors of the North Country Arts Center and is a member of the Lower Adirondack Regional Arts Council and the Saratoga Arts Council.  

His work has been shown at these venues and in the juried art shows in the southern Adirondack region.  
In 2012 he won the “Artists Guild Award” at the Adirondack Plein Air Festival in Saranac Lake, New York

Coming in July!

"The Paintings of Ken Wilson"

Ken Explores the local landscape as well as the love of the horse 
and race track in oils.