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We made it through the pandemic lockdowns and have prospered, thankfully, to my loyal customers! 

Meet "Duski" He will be here to greet you!
Thank you! 

We continue to follow NYS & Federal Guidelines to keep everyone safe and comfortable!

NEW! I'm excited to partner with.... 


A Locally & Nationally recognized leader in digitizing and organizing photos, slides & videos!

If you are looking to protect your video media CLICK the link above and get started, today!

I was able to work on several commissions while I was in lockdown!

"Arlo Goes Home"
"Arlo Goes Home"

"Serenity on the Lake"

"Minnie Pearl & Mr. Peepers"             



                                 I was honored to partner with
          Grant Cottage.. to frame this very special antique print                                                           of Ulysses S. Grant!

Sorry for the reflection, but this special shadowbox of
 Great Grandma's embroidered table top cloth! 

Shadowbox Frame Design

The best part of my craft is framing these priceless memorabilia, preserving family heritage and the value of our past! 

Original work in pastel, art cards and gifts!

Handcrafted Mirrors by Bellbrook Studio and Pottery by Clay Concepts

Silver by Paula Anne

Ceramics by Karen Elem

Small Gift Gallery and Framed Art 

"Autumn Path" $145

"Florida Evening Hues" $225

"Adirondac' and Basin Bay" PRINTS available special order.


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